Princess Belle has Found her FURever Castle

Sometimes a foster dog makes it known what they want in a FURever home. So it was with Belle. Now I have fostered my fair share of puppies but never have I seen a puppy with so much love for young children. Belle would gravitate to them, follow them, just want to be with them... now my boys are way past little kid stage so every chance she got she would snuggle a kid. While most puppies are a bull in a china shop Belle seemed to adjust for the little folks... not to say she couldn't forget her size but it was clear she needed some dane savy kids as part of her FURever story.

So when an approved past adopter contacted us about wanting to add Belle to their family we knew it would be perfect.

At the adoption meeting Belle was a little shy with the adults but when the kidos showed up... done deal. She was so happy and attached herself to them as if they were life long friends. Well they are now.

Congrats to Princess Belle for finding the bestest Fureever Castle where all their dreams can come true.