FURever Home... For a Senior Dane

Some humans have a seemingly endless capacity for love. GDRNT has been blessed to meet many such people over the years. From our fosters to our volunteers to our adopters, we have been given many examples of the power of love to transform a scared shelter dog into a happy, healthy pup who has found furever.
Peter’s adopter is a multiple repeat past-adopter who time and again opens his home and heart to our senior Danes. He showers each pup with love and cherishes however much time they have together. And, each time he has to say goodbye, he comes back to us to find another dog to spoil in his or her golden years. Over the years, we have gladly match him with one of our senior Danes knowing that pup hit the jackpot.
Peter’s age says he’s a senior, but he doesn’t know it. He is one of the best problem-solvers we’ve seen in rescue and quickly figured out how to open doors, crates, and even windows in his search of a warm patch of sun for a nap. He has the agility of a younger dog and enjoys long walks. Peter’s favorite thing is spending time with people and never tires of soaking up all the love and attention he can.
Now, Peter has a furever home with a dad who will shower him with love and attention. Like the Danes before him, Peter has hit the jackpot.
Congratulations to Peter and his new dad!