FURever Awesome Sauce Homes

Wow a lot going on here at GDRNT and we have fallen behind on keeping everyone filled in on the great news. Remember every dog that is adopted opens a foster spot for us to take on one more pup. Normally I like to give everyone their own FURever but I am so far behind... so lets have a FUREver Home Story PARTY.

Spike has come a long way from wandering the roads. Spike came to us via an area shelter after being picked up as a wander man... well this wander dude's days are over and he is FURever home with a family who keeps up with his energy and training. He has adjusted very well to being an inside dog and loves his skin siblings.

How Lusso ever ended up in a shelter I don't understand.. This mature gentleman was heartworm positive but every bit a gentleman, so it is no surprise that he has found the bestest FURever home where he is enjoying life as a proper gentleman. It breaks my heart that he didn't have such an awesome life sooner but Lusso is loving FURever life.

Spicy young Pepper is full of love and joy and never let her past life of homelessness get her down. Pepper is just happy to have a family of her own and not have to worry about life on the run any more. Peppers family adores her silly,loving heart and it could not be a more perfect fit.

Edgar is what we like to call a young gun. He came to rescue oh so sweet but with oh so few manners. His foster family worked so hard to teach him how to be a good family member and he caught on pretty fast. Once Edgar learned how cush inside living with a loving family could be he was all in. His furever home is awesome and keeping up his training.. and doesn't even mind the drool.

It takes a special family to adopt a special needs dog like Chowder, so when a past adopter came to us looking to to add to their family we knew it would be perfect. This family was well equipped to deal with his hearing and vision impairment and continue his training. It was love at first sniff.

We are so thankful to all our FURever adoptive homes and the fosters that make it possible.