Elvis is Why They Give.

Growing up Diana and I always had dogs and it was ingrained in us from infancy that dogs were simply part of a family. It wasn't until we both entered college that we lived life without a dog around and after graduation we were eager to make our household complete with a loving canine companion.

Many were surprised that a Great Dane became our final choice due to not only the unique challenges in caring for such a large breed but also in adopting one that was already fully grown from a rescue organization. As many in Great Dane Rescue of North Texas will tell you, Great Dane puppies are very tempting to hopeful dog owners that underestimate their rapid growth and the lifestyle change that would be required to complement it. So after months of research and deliberation, Diana and I were set on providing a better life for a giant dog that missed out on landing a forever home on the first try.

When we first heard about the handsome Great Dane that would become our Elvis, he checked every box on our list. However, we kept our eagerness at bay to be sure that we were as good of a fit for Elvis as we knew he would be for us.
Fast forward to today, six months later, we literally could not imagine our lives without him, and we thank the Great Dane Rescue of North Texas for helping us forge a family with the perfect giant dog. We quickly became a part of GDRNT as volunteers with Elvis soon after adopting him to help others have a story like this as well as share our enthusiasm for these gentle giants.

#NTXGiving Day Link for Great Dane Rescue