Sweet Pete has it Sweet in his FURever Home

Sweet Pete came to us as too many do. Sweet, young and unmannerly. Seriously folks if you want a puppy you should be prepared to train it... A Young Gun this guy doesn't have a mean cell in his body .. but his lack of manners, his exuberance for life and love for everyone made him more than a handful. His foster family knew his potential and worked super hard with him and he came so far in their loving home..... They had a real soft spot for this guy... and knew he would be hard to let go.

The best part of fostering is watching your hot mess become a Sweet Pete, and realizing their FURever home is the most perfect place. This was one of those magical adoption meetings when Pete knew he was FURever HOME.

So a huge thank you to his foster family and hugs to his FURever family for loving him so much.