Sugar, Sugar FURever at Home

Sweet Sugar found her self in a not so sweet spot when she ended up in an area shelter. She was filthy, covered in tick's/fleas, had never been inside and way to skinny. The poor girl didn't understand that her life was about to get so much sweeter.

Sugar came to rescue in rough shape, but she immediately won over her foster home with her sweet personality. This love-bug didn’t let being heartworm positive get her down. Following Sugar’s heartworm treatments, she was matched with Dane-savvy past adopters. Now she has a Dane brother and humans who will love her as much as she loves them.

On average we will spend over 750 on each dog that comes into our program. This is to make them healthy and some dogs will need more than others... Our adoption fee for an adult is 235.. so do the math. Your donations make this possible and events like North Texas Giving make your donation go FURther. Please remember us on on September 22nd we will be posting a direct link to our donation site.