Puppy Bliss in a FURever Home

I really should have posted this way before now..

Puppies are work. I think I have the only kids in the world who see a puppy and cringe because they are far too familiar with all the training, time and work that go into having a puppy in the house. Being a puppy foster home we know too well the reality of a puppy, the good the bad and the obnoxious.... but this is why we love them... and also why we have requirements for adopters to be approved to adopt a puppy.

Approved adopters must look beyond the cute sweet baby and understand the responsibility of what is to come. See they do not stay small forever and without training, time and attention your sweet puppy will soon be an obnoxious 100 pound toddler.

Those obnoxious untrained teenage danes too often end up in shelters/rescue by no fault of their own.. They have never been taught manners, never had any training and most have picked up some bad habits.

Without crate training, they will tear up your home when left all day.
Without leash training they will drag your butt down the street.
Without boundaries they will steal your dinner off the counter.
Without any stimulation, they will get bored and find a way to entertain themselves.

Danes are very smart and respond so well to positive reinforcement training. So if you are considering any dog training is just part of the deal.. but even more important with a puppy.

I could go on but you get the idea.....

Sarah's FURever story is so wonderful I want this kind of FURever for all our dogs.

Sarah stayed in rescue a little longer than most... while her mom was a dane dad probably wasn't. She also had to overcome parvo and was so sick ... Once well this little lady had so much spunk and personality I could not believe how many looked over her because she wasn't "pure dane".

A stay at home family, with big dog training experience and lots of love have given her the perfect FURever home. Not only is she learning how to be the perfect little lady, she has a great family to love her FURever.