The Magic Number? 58

When one of our foster homes "fails" and becomes a FURever home... Finally.

55.....56.....57....58.....yep that was the magic number! Johnny was the 58th foster to come through the foster home in the 10 years this family had been fostering and what do you know, Johnny was a keeper!

Johnny came into rescue with a breeding female because they kept getting loose and running. around and the owners didn't want to deal with it anymore or so they said. Johnny was a little on the thin side, ear infection, heartworm positive, unneutered and had hookworms. So rescue got to work on fixing him up! In the meantime, he lived up to his full name Johnny B. Good and his full potential was seen by his foster family. Johnny doesn't know a stranger be it human or canine. He loves everyone and thinks everyone should love him! How could they not? Johnny went thru surgery and heartworm treatment like a champ during which he learned to like his crate and tried to make himself at home on the furniture!

Not long after he came to the house, murmers were heard about how great he was, so friendly and little boys asking "can we keep him?" He was even seen getting along with a grumpy little male dog as his sidekick. So after some family discussion the decision was made and Johnny B. Good is staying FOREVER!

Johnny has two boys he loves to lick cause they always have stuff on their face and hands! He has a furry old brother and a mom and dad that are crazy about him and trying not to spoil him too much. He has his own couch and insists on trying out the others! The plan is to soon take him to some more obedience training and have him be a representative for the rescue group at meet and greets and other outings. His first big adventure will be Danefest and it is hard to say who is more excited Johnny or Mom since this is her first personal dane!

Failure has never felt so good!