Effie's Furever Story...

This isn't your usual FURever story. Effie came to us after a life of being a momma, like a lot... she obviously spent most of her life being a mom and was probably dumped in her maturity because she was no longer "profitable". After her spay, Effie started to crash... after some tests by our awesome veterinarian it was discovered that Effie had some damage to her organs most likely from over breeding. Effie made a great recovery and has done well enough to have a softball size mass removed from her neck.

Our Foster homes are to be the second best home one of our dogs ever has, their best home should be their FURever home.

Effie was saved because a foster home was willing to take on her recovery. Without qualified foster homes we cannot do what we do, without qualified adopters we wouldn't be able to find so many awesome FURever homes. When those two things mash up.... well.. today's guest blog says it best.

Thank you Liz and your family......
We’ve been asked “why do you foster” and the answer is easy….. we love dogs & want to do anything we can to help one in need. As fosters we are blessed to be able to help a dog get ready to find a forever home and there cannot be anything better than that. It's so amazing to watch a scraggly, scared dog blossom as they become more comfortable in knowing that they are going to be loved just for being them. Fostering a new dog is an exciting time of teaching and learning new ways to help a once forgotten or abandoned dog reach new personal accomplishments. This gets them ready for the next chapter in their life, their forever home. It's not always easy, it's not always glamorous, but in the end, when that dog has been adopted, you know it's all been worth it.

We’ve also been asked the question how do you let them go? So many people say that they want to foster but they would fall in love and it would be too hard to let that dog go to another family. To that I say yes, it is difficult sometimes to let that foster go when it's adopted but it is a sadness that is also mixed with great happiness to know that you helped a family be united with a dog that is perfect for them. I also know, from great experience! that every once in a while (or maybe more often than) that it's OK to foster fail. Over the years we've had several foster's become our forever dogs and I am very proud to admit it. I think the most important part of deciding whether to foster fail is that you are adopting the dog because you love them and that they will be a good fit for your family and not that you'll just miss them. Our last foster failure is a beautiful girl who is so amazing and fit so well into our pack that it was easy to see that adopting her would be in addition to our family.