Charity Motors for GDRNT

WOW we have the best supporters
Recently we got an awesome donation from Charity Motors because someone donated a vehicle to them in our name.... How cool is that.

What they do.

  • This group takes donated vehicles and provides a subsidy to qualified low income buyers.
  • The proceeds of the sale go to the charity of your choice.
  • The donor receibes full fair market tax deduction for the donation.

How it works.

  • To donate a vehicle, you may either donate online by completing our easy car donation form at Charity Motorsor call Charity Motors® at 888-908-CARS (2277).
  • They will even pick up and tow the vehicle for free.
  • Designate your charity.. hopefully GDRNT
  • The donated vehicle will be sold at a discount to someone in need who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford a vehicle.
  • Sales price is donated
  • You get fair market tax deduction.
  • They are a 501(c)(3) organization, as approved by the IRS, to receive donated vehicles and issue a receipt for a full fair-market value tax deduction.

    How cool is that?