Catching up on Furever Stories

I usually like everyone to have their own individual FURever story but if you read our home page you know it has been more than a little crazy around here.... we are all volunteers working rescue around family, jobs and life. Sometimes the administrative stuff falls behind while we car for the dogs we have committed too.

This dude came in with not a care in the world. He had to have a crash coarse in house manners but as usual he adapted pretty quick to life as a house dog. Luthor is a young dude and found a family with another dane to romp with and a family who will continue his training and make sure he is a good dog like his sister. He knew he was furever home the moment he got there... and now he is furever in the heart of this family.

Jack Eichel
In spite of being a Sabers fan this guy is another young gun, full of life and love. Jack is just a big furry kid and just wants to play all day. He is one of those dogs that never met a heartbeat he didn't want to play with. His new family fell in love with him instantly and made him part of their hearts without hesitation.

This lady really preferred a quiet home where she could reign supreme. This is one of those cases where she adopted her new mom and dad and decided they were hers forever. Good thing the feeling was mutual and they love her completely. Andi has moved in and taken her spot in the hearts and home of her new family. This sweet couple has dane experience and knew she was perfect for them

Sometimes a dog stays with us longer than makes sense.... Adele had been looked over so many times but now I know why.... She was waiting for this couple to find her. Sometimes at adoption meeting it happens instantly and I know it is meant to be FURever .. I love when that happens.. This couple loves Adele and made her transition from her foster home so easy.. I love when that happens.

OK so those of you who have followed us know she has a special spot in my heart. Lacey came to rescue very pregnant and gave birth to the Royal litter. You could tell she had been mothering a long time .. but it was time for her to retire. So once she took her no puppy pledge she was ready to enjoy retirement. Her new family love her and she has loved being a house dog and family member. She will never again need to be a mom and can just be loved.

whew... we have been busy. It takes a village and a special thank you to our adoption team, foster parents and everyone who makes FURever love homes possible.