Second Time is a Charm!

Once a GDRNT dog.. ALWAYS a GDRNT dog. Life happens... and it isn't my place to judge... (at least not here:) but sometimes an adopted GDRNT dog finds itself in a changing home life situation that is no longer suitable for them.... Our adoption contract has a provision for any GDRNT dog to come back into the program. It does not happen often but it does happen...

Jake came back to us due to a change in his families circumstances and was a dream in foster care. He had some skin issues probably aggravated by the stress of the change but once we got him cleared up, It did not take long to find him FURever.

Jake is what we refer to as a Velcro dog.. he loves his huMOM and dad, likes the company of other big dogs but really is a "people dog". When we had a sweet couple with a work at home family and two big pups we knew this would be a good match.. but would Jake and his prospective sisters?

Introductions are always taken slow to help assure sucess with the dogs... and even when things are perfect I still go through the motions at an adoption of slow introductions. Sometimes the dogs get along so well from the start that the entire process seems a little silly but we still do it...

So it was with Jake and his "girls"! You could not have asked for a better "first date", and when he met his new huMom and dad that was it! I do not think there was a hint of a question that this was FURever from first sight!

While we hate to have a dog need us again, Jake is a great example of Second Time is a Charm!