Rocco has Scored!

Rescue means different things to different people. Once again found myself explaining it to a wide eyed stranger...about how special our dogs our, how amazing it is to see a frightened animal become a FURever family member, how our fosters/volunteers give so much... how it is a drop I the ocean.....

To our adopters rescue has a different meaning... It means family. The best evidence of this is the high number of repeat adopters in our ranks. You may have heard me joke that Danes are like chips... Hard to have just one. So I am never surprised when I see an adoption application from a repeat.

Repeat adopters come to us to help them pic their new family member... So it was for today's FURever story.

I was not surprised to see this name in the application process and was pretty sure I knew who their FURever pup would be. This would be adoption number four, and with the passing of their senior I knew their existing girl would need a special friend. Somehow I knew that was Rocco.

This family has adopted some special cases, and has loved each of them in a way to make them shine, and have the bestest FURever after. Rocco was a bit of an anxious dude and needed structure and reassurance to shine.

It was a shaky start but this family worked extra hard, followed a plan, listened to advice and let their experience guide them....

Now Rocky has a new gdrnt FURever sister to spend his days chasing the squirells, watching the deer and loving his FURever huMOM and Dad!

Yippeee and yahooo for Rocco and his FURever family!