NTXGiving Day can Help Harvey and Bruce

Harvey and Bruce came to us separately within days of each other, but their stories are all too similar to many of the Danes that come to us. Both are seniors. Both are heartworm positive. Over 90% of the Danes that come to us are heartworm positive at intake and require treatment.

Heartworm disease is avoidable with monthly chewable preventatives. Prevention is easy, quick, and tasty for dogs. Treatment of a heartworm positive dog involves injecting a toxin to kill the heartworms. The dog must be on crate-rest for weeks between treatments, and in some cases, the treatment must be repeated. Dogs are at risk of complications, including death, as adult worms in their body die. As daunting as treatment sounds, the alternative is a painful death from lack of treatment. Makes the monthly prevention sound like a no-brainer, right?

Harvey came to rescue in rough shape. He acted like he hurt all over, tested positive for heartworms, and bloodwork revealed signs of an infection. Our veterinarian started him on antibiotics for the infection and a protocol of pain management medications. His foster reports that he is starting to come out of his shell as he begins to feel better. He does well with her medium-sized dogs, and his goofy, bouncy personality is starting to show. He is still under evaluation for both temperament and health; so, it will be a while before he is available for adoption.

Bruce’s intake exam found intestinal parasites, a flea infestation, fatty tumors, and heartworms. He came in underweight and needs to slowly put on pounds to reach a healthy weight. His multitude of health problems delayed heartworm treatment to allow his body to become strong enough to undergo the stress. Bruce’s foster reports that he is easy-going and follows her around like a shadow. Once he’s well, he will make a wonderful companion for his forever family.

Your donation to GDRNTNTGivingDay can do more for Harvey, Bruce and the other Danes in our program. Donate between 6am and midnight (central time zone) today, and your donation will be increased from North Texas Giving Day’s $2million pool of funds for participating organizations.

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