Mature Lady has found FURever Love

What is a "move in ready" dane? It is a dog with enough life experience to be the perfect pup. Bring them home, show them where the food bowl, potty spot and bed are; add some love and "POOF" you have the perfect family dog.

Generally a mature dane isn't going to potty in the house, chew your favorite shoes, eat your kids legos or knock over their kids.

This perfectly describes Meg. I like to refer to her as "Momma Meg" because she loves children and is aware enough of her size to be so gentle.

This weekend Meg met a sweet family and now has her own two skin kids to love and look after. Mom and Dad knew that their kids would need a gentle first pup and boy did they all fall in love. So before you ask a ladydane her age, ask your self... would a move in dane be the best option for my family.