The long and winding Road to Happy Ever After

When a dog comes to us their first stop is to our of our veterinarians for a medical evaluation and treatment. Prior to adoption all our dogs are altered, fully vaccinated, microchipped, and treated for any/all necessary medical conditions. Since 97 per cent of all dogs that come in are heartworm positive we treat for that, otherwise they go on prevention. Many of the dogs come to us with other medical concerns that can take time, money and love to resolve.

So it was with Josie who came to us with a nasty mastitis infection. After months of treatment we finally thought we had it beat and matched Josie with the perfect FURever home. Her adoption meeting was awesome and the existing dane and family fell in love with Josie and accepted her as one of the family.

It was very soon after her adoption that the mastitis returned with a new evil vengeance.... Joise became very sick and honestly scared us all. Working with GDRNT this adoptive family stuck with Josie through ER visits, multiple/numerous veterinary visits, surgery and some crazy post surgical care.... Now I have been doing medical fostering for a long time so trust me when I say this was serious stuff.... We were lucky to have some of the best vets in Dallas lead her care ... and a FURever home who would not turn their back and give up on Josie. Together we were able to get Josie through it all and can now say she is not only happy but healthy in her tremendous FURever home.

We are so thrilled that Josie is FURever home and so very loved.