Hailey Haven

Some danes just don't know to "act their age"! I will tell people that in these days even beer comes date stamped, but dogs still don't. When dogs come in their age is estimated by our veterinarians and that is the age we use. Hailey's foster family said that she had the heart and energy of a younger dog, too many people just wouldn't meet her because of her age. Yet our policy is to stick with the veterinary estimate, generally people don't mind if the dog is younger... but older dogs do have a hard time being adopted.

Even with her easy going attitude, playfullness and sweet spirit she was overlooked by adopters.. until now! I think it is safe to say that it was worth the wait for Hailey to score this awesome furever home! This couple saw only a lovely, FURever family member and knew instantly that Hailey was their furever dane.

Day one and she already had a trove of new toys, bed and love! Congrats to Hailey and her family!