Albus has found FURever

All our dogs are special to us but some are just a little more "special" due to bad breeding, Albus's swim in the shallow end of the gene pool meant he was born considerably vision and hearing impaired. He sees very little and hears some... We have experienced foster homes who work with blind/deaf dogs using a combination of scent and touch signals to train these dogs and get them ready for their furever homes.

They are also "special" because b/d dogs require "special" furever homes that have some experience, and are willing to open their home to a dog you have to teach beyond the basics... Sometimes these dogs stay with us a little longer so that the perfect FURever home can find us.

I am so excited to say that home has found Albus and not only has continued his training but taking it another level. Albus is loving life with his new humom and dane brother.