Young Gun to Gentleman:)

Gabe fits into the category I have nicknamed "The Young Guns". You know that snotty teenager who was never taught any manners, common courtesy and has the common sense of well .. a teenager. Everybody wants a puppy so they get a cute, tiny cuddly great dane puppy.. but don't you know those things grow insanely fast.. have big paws, nibbley mouths no sence of personal space and without training become 100 plus pounds of sweet stupid. Too often these "unmanageable" crazy great danes end up in area shelters and then to us.. SO was Gabe's story.

Gabe was definitely a Young Gun with issues! Poor dude needed groceries, dewormer and treatment for demodex and some tuff love:) His Rock Star foster home has lots of experience with Young Guns and quickly got a handle on his medical condition and with lots of positive reinforcement training turned him into an (almost:) Perfect Gentleman. Gabe is also very lovable and playful so he would need a very patient home who would not only love him but continue his training and positively reinforce his Gentlemanly Qualities!

Mr Gabe met his FURever mom and it was love at first sight! This mom has quite a bit of training experience specifically with a Young Gun and know how to positively reinforce the Perfect Gentleman! They are already enrolled in school and soon will be at the top of their class!

YIPPEE and WHOO HOOO for Gabe and his momma for making the perfect pair!

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