When it is Worth the Wait...

Sometimes we have a hard time figuring out the magic match for a sweet foster dog... This is especially frustrating when you have a young lady as precious as Shiloh. EIGHT months this sweet girl stayed in loving foster care.. As awesome as our foster homes are they should be the SECOND best home our danes ever have...we are just their loving caretakers while they await their bestest, awesomest home: Their FURever home. Like most of our danes, Shiloh probably never had it as good as she did in foster care but we knew better.

Shiloh was a shy frightened pup when she came to us but learned to trust her people and learn the ropes from the other danes in the home. She learned to trust her people, play and just be a happy dog. It is sort of funny when a dog has been kept outside.. initially they are wary of
"inside" but they catch on fast that IN the house is the place to be.

Adoption day was magic Shiloh knew. I love that.. when a foster acts like "hey what took you guys so long?". Then it is time for one last thankful snuggle with their foster mom and off to love on their FURever family. (Happy tears all around!) So a huge YIPEEE, CONGRATS and WAHOOOO to Shiloh and her FURever family! You guys were worth the wait!