Tis the Season!!!

Severe storm season appears to be here! Texas weather is as crazy as crazy gets... The forecast calls for possible sever weather so it is a good time to review some safety tips:

  • Make sure gates are securely latched and locked. Wind can easily blow open an unsecured gate.
  • Be sure to inspect your fence for loose/missing sections. Fix weak spots so the wind can't blow them open.
  • Check your pets tags! Are they on the collar and correct?
  • Think microchip! Has your phone number changed since you had your pet chipped? Is your cell number on the chip registration?
  • Does your evacuation plan accommodate your pets? Do you have copies of their shots? (i have a copy on my phone.) Pet food, bowls and water.
  • A sharpie! If you are in an area know for extreme weather that could separate you and your pet write your cell phone number with a sharpie ... if they are a dark color write it inside their ear... emergency animal rescuers know to look. If you pet losses their collar it could take time to scan for a chip and get your info.
  • If you are like me and take your dog to run errands be sure to take a leash just in case! ( and never ever leave a pet in a car on hot/cold days)

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