Snake Bite Boy aka the Cisco Kid get his FURever Home

This is one that is way past due but it is not your typical FURever story. We got a call from a distant shelter about two danes in need, one suffering from an old "snake bite". When transport made the several hour drive to pick up it was pretty obvious "snake bite" was a mix, it was also obvious we were his last chance.

That same road warrior also offered to foster snake bite and gave him the name Cisco.

The Cisco Kid was a challenge... as the wound we were told was a snake bite was very old and well nasty. I have seen a lot of nasty in rescue and this was right up there in terms of yuck! It may have been a snake bite way back when but our veterinarians don't think so... but what it was now is a very large infected wound. Cisco's foster dad was determined to get this dude well....

Turns out Cisco, the honorary dane, is a pretty cool dude whose body just doesn't seem to want to heal. His wound would improve but never really get all the way better.... antibiotics, testing, hydro therapy and all of it ... finally his wound is as good as it is can get and Cisco is ready for adoption... or so I thought.

All this treatment took a long time, and a lot of personal care by his foster dad, who at this point was more than a little attached. When it came right down to it these guys have been through it all and Cisco was already home!

So the Cisco Kid PERMANENTLY joined his foster family as a FURever PUP!