Silly Tilley's Turn!

Some dogs are hard to adopt out via the shelter system no matter how crazy sweet they are.... so was Tilleys plight. Skinny, heart worm positive and in need of surgery to remove a suspicious looking growth on her leg... treatment that most shelters can't provide, and 99% of shelter adopters won't accept. So this shelter contact us!

Tilley came to rescue, took her no puppy pledge (got spayed), had the large growth removed and started heartworm treatment... wow that is alot for anybody... actually her leg had to be operated on twice! The nature of the growth was benign but left a very large surgical wound that needed very specific and special care. Tilley was moved to a medical foster home who could provide all her treatments, medications and supervision to be sure that the wound healed properly.

This girl was so ready for her furever home that she made sure that wound closed up pretty as can be and quick as a whip!

We had an approved past adopter waiting for a dane sister for their other GDRNT Dane. The adoption meeting was one of "those magic moments" and Tilley and her new brother gave the sniff of approval, her hu-mom and hu-dad fell in love instantly and that was that!

So yipppeee Tilley!