Retiring in FURever Awesomeness!

Eva came to us to "retire", she isn't an old girl but she wasn't going to be used to have puppies any more. So as soon as she was ready she took the "No Puppy Pledge" and settled into the comforts of a foster home. In her caring foster home, Eva learned how to be a house dane and took to it immediately! She enjoyed being able to play with other dogs and quickly learned her house manners and that being a house pet was a good gig! One thing Eva LOVES is to PLAY! All she just wants to hang with other BIG dogs and her people. No doubt she would be the perfect dane for the right home.

Along comes a great approved adopter with other well mannered, playful dogs, a loving dane experienced home and... a huge (securely fenced) yard for the dogs to romp and play! It all sounded too perfect for Eva!

Once her people knew she was perfect for them we had to be sure the existing pups felt the same... well we need not worry as with proper introductions she fit right in with the family!

So happy to announce that Eva is loving her new FURever home, just in time for the holidays!

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