Rescue does NOT take a Spring Break! Not for Adoptions!

But I did! Combine that with DANEFEST! Danes Unleashed! and the normal crazy cray cray of rescue and the good news gets put off! Our gorgeous adoption ladies have been hard at work graduating danes from foster to FURever!

First a side note: I am not sure if it is the full moon, time of year or what.. but intake requests have been over the top lately. If you are an approved foster home, an adopter thinking of fostering now is a great time to speak up! If you have questions about fostering and are considering it please email us

Now for the news you have all been waiting for:

More frequently when a dane comes to us they are in need of specialized medical care. So it was with sweet Kate! This happy adorable girl had a large, I mean softball size, lump on her side. It did not bother her but obviously would continue to grow and had to go.... at the time we did not know exactly what it was but its size was concerning. Once removed everyone was excited to learn that it was a benign mass filled with yucky but harmless stuff. (OK I know that is not the medical term but you get the idea) YIPEEE. Kate's stay, like many of our danes, was longer than it should have because of her medical hold but once she was ready it did not take long!!! Kate's FURever family waited for the right match for their family and it was "A dream come true!" YIPEEEEEE and CONRATS to all!

Before and After... Lady Eleanor! Skinny emaciated danes are sadly common in rescue and one of my "buttons". I understand times are hard and danes can be expensive to feed but this type of emaciation takes time .. ( I generally try to not pass judgment on the people in their past but sometimes I wonder.....) In her foster home Lady Elanor was put on a special diet that allowed her to safely and slowly gain her weight and strength. WOW what a beautiful lady with a great heart ... all she needed was some love and groceries!! Eleanor knew at her adoption meeting this was her FURever home .. it was Magic! Imagine how awesome it must feel to suddenly know love and that you will never be starved again! HAPPY DANCE!

Nobody loves these stories more than me... none of this could happen without all your support! If you can come to the FUNdraiser DaneFest.. if you can't come consider buying a t shirt, raffle tickets or making a donation! FUNdraising keeps us going!

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