"The One" a FURever story

Every FURever story is special and dear to my heart. My favorite part of all this is getting to do adoptions.

Every Foster parent will tell you about "the one"; that particular foster who touches you so deeply, but you know they cannot stay. Recognizing that no matter how much you love them; it is hard realizing your home is NOT the best FURever home; not their Happy Ever After... that there is a better home.

This is my story of "The One"
Many of you have followed Aphrodite since she came to me in June of 201313 at 8 weeks old. Her special needs only made her more awesome but it was very hard to get qualified adopters to just meet her....

After Mocha crossed Aphrodite backslid in her training, we doubled down but she was struggling... it was hard but my family realized and decided that she needed a home with other dogs, a home that would not have a stream of fosters .. she needed a stable, understanding loving home.. and we could not provide that.

A few years ago we had another hearing/sight impaired white puppy who was adopted by an awesome family... so when they applied to adopt again my heart leaped a little. Once their application was approved it was only a matter of assuring their existing furkids would accept Aphrodite into their home.

So it is with happy, joyous tears that I announce Aphrodite has found her an AMAZING FURever home! She has a dane sister, a rescue brother and some kitty's to share her home. Aphrodite now has the bestest huMOM and Dad who are continuing her training and hope to have her compete with her sister in Barn Scent Competitions! How cool is that!