Latte's Cup Runith Over!

When Latte came to rescue we were not even sure what color she was! But look at her now! This girl has the heart of a love pup! She had one of the worst cases of very stubborn demodex mange and it seemed to take FURever to get her skin clear ! Her Foster family worked so hard and found that a special diet and medication her skin and coat began to SHINE!

Once she felt awesome this girls sweet personality bubbled over and she quickly won the hearts of everyone she met! I think Latte felt so bad for so long she saved up all her puppy energy and is going through a late puppyhood! So when we had an approved adopter with training experience, some structure and tons of activities that included the dogs... we thought this might be it! Well WOW Latte walked in their home and all over their hearts! Latte LOVES having two young brothers to play with and practice all their training!

I love getting her updates because she is having so much fun... her favorite activity going to the lake!

YIPEE and congrats to Latte and her FURever family

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