Last FURever Home of 2013 goes to....

The last adoption for the year 2013 was sweet and easy. Zeke came to us in early November from an area Shelter. He had a bad case of the cherry eye. GDRNT paid to have the eyelid corrected by one of our awesome vets and sent him into foster care.

Well who would of knew that once Mr. Zeke was feeling better, his young male dane energy kicked in!! Zeke was a hit with the foster family, matter of fact one of the smartest fosters they ever had. (and they have had a few)

Zeke met his furever home right after Christmas. It was love at first sight for the family. Zeke has an older lab brother, an 8yr old human brother and a bunch of hockey players to hang with. along with the new family came a new name Ranger. YIPPEEEEE

The family has sent an update on Zeke/Ranger.

Zeke (aka Ranger) is transitioning well to his new home and new family. We are all learning the ropes. Ranger is learning that “sit” is not immediately followed by “shake” (which results in a big paw in your stomach if you aren’t ready for it!). Dad is learning that you can’t leave pizza crust unattended on the table. Mom learned quickly that dane headbutts hurt… a lot. His 8-year old brother is learning that regardless of age or size, Ranger is still a puppy who wants to play and doesn’t know how big he is. Penguin, his senior lab FURbrother is learning to stay out of the way! In our first week, we have gone to the dog park, taken a shower (yes, a standup shower) and added pet beds to several rooms. We are in love and Zeke/Ranger is fur-ever home.

Rising Above Great Dane Funding

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