A Home For Cookie

Sometimes a dog comes to us so shut down, frightened and fearful they simply do not know how to be a dog. This sounds crazy right? I mean how does a dog not know how to wag a tail, eat from a bowl, go outside or even get lovin from their Hu-mom? Some dogs leave their baggage at the shelter door, others may take a few days to realize they are safe.... but a few find it so hard to learn to trust and just be a FURkid.

Cookie came to us at six months old and was simply terrified of EVERYTHING.. water bowl, the door, humans... Everything .. In a loving foster home she made progress but it was important to get her into the right FURever home for her to learn how to be a FURkid.

We needed a quiet home, with dane experience, other mellow dogs, and stay at home parent ... but most of all we needed a patient home willing to work with a shut down pup.

When an approved application came across with all that AND a past adopter I knew we had our perfect FURever home.

Cookie now has a dane sister, brother and family who adore her and have the patience to work with her. She already has made great progress and soon will have kicked all of her past life to the curb!

A HUGE Congrats to Cookie and her family on their new adventure!