Guess what we did last weekend?

After a bit of a dry spell our adoption team worked overtime last weekend to complete adoptions for FIVE of our danes!!!!! Gotta love when we have a bunch of approved applications that match with a bunch of furkids looking for FURever homes! This took a ginormous about of coordination and work our adoption team but they did it!!!!

You see, we are in this to adopt to FURever homes.. that means foster pups have to be matched with homes that are compatible with their personality, temperament and energy. A simple example is if a family has a cat we would want to be sure to match them with a foster pup known to be cool with cats; if a dane needs to continue some training we want a home willing to do that.... you get the idea...

Our "inventory" of danes is not "made to order".. we pull from shelters based on need .... so our "inventory" is what it is.... With limited foster homes it is almost always impossible for us to take owner surrenders from those who genuinely need us... the need from area shelters is just too great...(not so subtle hint to open your home to foster:)

But I digress.. so in no particular order, FURever homes went to.....

Abby! This silly girl came to us from a rural shelter where it was reported that she either jumped or was pushed from a moving vehicle.. she had some major road rash and we were concerned about broken bones... XRays determined this happy girl had no broken bones and just needed soem time to heal... Well this girl was so happy to be in a loving home there was no holding her back... she caught on quickly to house rules, learned her manners and was ready for FURever! Abby found an awesome FURever home with past adopters and has another GDRNT FURsibling to play with, grandkids to love on her and space to run! YIPEEEEEEE

PENELOPE! Gotta love this girl... she was shut down when she got to us... sight and vision impaired (probably?) and frightened at the shelter her foster home knew just how to make this lady shine like the bright star she is! Penelope is now in a loving FURever home with a fursibling, kitty and loving huMOM and huDad to share the day! LOVE IT!

ONe eye Eddie! Anyone who met this guy knows he is a love bug. He came in heartworm positive, very sick and suffering from untreated glaucoma which required one eye to be removed.. but that didn't slow him down! What he lacked in vision he made up for in personality! oh and we treated his heartworms and he was clear!!! Eddie now is living the life with a loving family and FOUR kidos to love on him! How awesome is that!

Jessie the Cowgirl! Just like her namesake in Toy Story this girl is hard not to like! She came to rescue needing some groceries and care but caught on to living large fast! Jessie is not the lady of the manor and has a teenage young man and furever Dad to make sure she continues the life style to which she has become accustomed:) I would be willing to bet Jessie is already Queen of hearts in her humans eyes!

and last but not least!!!!! Shelby! This pretty girl had been passed around to a couple of homes prior to rescue and needed a place that would be FURever. Her foster family did awesome building her confidence and letting her personality shine. At her adoption meeting she was initially shy but once she realized the kids were full of lovin and her adoptive mom and dad were totally in love and committed .. it was like BANG.. YAHOO lets go home! After the adoption she pranced to the car, jumped in the back and assumed her seat next to her skin siblings... I love when that happens!

All of these empty foster homes already have new fosters undergoing evaluations, medical care and getting ready for their FURever stories!