FURever Love at First SNIFF!

Floyd came to rescue like many of the "young guns" happy silly young male with few manners! Floyd has a loving dane heart, and personality of a pup but the energy of .... well lets just say the dude exudes joy .. like a lot.. ! He learned his manners well and learned to respect the children and house rules! It is safe to say he embraced the Happy and EVERYBODY knows it way of life! Floyd loves to play and had to learn to respect boundaries of humans and dogs, but once you are in his heart you have a friend for life!

When we had an approved adopter, with dane experience looking for a playmate for their " energetic" female... I thought we might have a match!

It was your classic young love story... It was a very rainy, cold afternoon when these two pups met in my very soggy yard and WOW ! It was a good thing the HUmom and HUdad loved Floyd too because their girl was NOT leaving without her Floyd! It was absolutely LOVE at First Sniff!

CONGRATS TO Floyd, now Munkee, and his new FURever family!