First FURever Homes of 2014 go tooooooooooo

22 of my fosters have been puppies... I probably have the only kids in the world who see a puppy and cringe because they know it means, potty training, the occasional puddles, piles and chewed stinky socks. Not me I am still a sucker for a pup..

Ms Raven is no exception.. she is all puppy play and LOVE! Her foster family adored her but knew her FURever home was out there and was willing to drive over an hour on New Years Day to introduce her to her potential family. Raven was excited after the drive and loved exploring the yard and warmed up fast to her FURever mom and dad. She knew she was FURever home! This couple already has a crazy sweet rescue male dane and rescue kitty.. and when Raven met Gus you could tell it was love at first sight! They were playing and loving on their FURever mom and dad before the ink was dry on the Adoption Contract! While the kitty was not amused at first she came around and has learned how to love a dane puppy! Raven has hit her JACKPOT Furever home.... YIPEEEEEEE

Every adoption is precious to me.. but this next one is a Kleenex Moment:)
Many of you have followed Frankie's progress since he came to Rescue sick, Heartworm positive, deaf and with a bum hip.... not just a little bum hip but a jacked up from birth sort of hot mess of a hip... (not exactly a medical term but you get it) so once he was well and treated for heartworms we had to repair the hip. In October Frankie got his surgery and BADAHBING he was off running! Before his recovery was done Frankie obviously moved better and was so happy!

We had a family who had been waiting for a match.. they had dane experience but with small children, a sweet Diva Lab and kitty they needed the perfect match. Well it is official Frankie is FURever home ... I saw him last weekend and OMDog has he made himself at home... his Diva Lab adores him, his skin siblings are over the moon, even the kitty likes him .. Mom and Dad are so happy to have a dane in the house again! The best part is that they are close enough to me so I can still get my Frankie Fix!

These two came to rescue with different stories but the punch line was the same.. Both were in caring area shelters, discarded and unwanted by anyone else. Without all of you these moments could not happen, there would be no second chance for a scared puppy, no surgery or care for a sick "special needs" animal.. Raven and Frankie are FURever home thanks to a small dedicated hard working group of folks at GDRNT!


Rising Above Great Dane Funding

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