Drum Roll and Happy Tears!

Zoey has been adopted after waiting a very long time for the family she so desperately needed. Zoey is an only dog in her new home and will be shown all the love she deserves. Three kids to get extra hugs from and a new Mom and Dad that want to give her tons of love and the comfort joys of life.

Zoey came into rescue as a "dumped dog". She was used for breeding and nothing else. Once a breeding dog can no longer produce a large littler or "good" quality puppies, they are dumped in the shelter or on the side of the road. Zoey had no social skills at all. She did not know what people or inside a home where about. For the first few days of inside home life, Zoey would find the darkest , most remote part of the house and hide. She was paralyzed with fear and anxiety. Once our pack of dogs accepted her, she unlocked the fear and was free to be a dog!!! She knew what treats were, walks on a leash and that car rides could be fun. It was a wonderful journey to watch this girl grow and learn to spread her wings. Enjoy your new life Zoey.