Catching up on FURever homes!

Wow DaneFest was a blast but now we need to catch up on FURever stories! After all that is the best kind of Rescue Story. Our adoption team never rests (actually nobody in rescue ever rests!) So here ya go.. in no particular order:)

Loosing a beloved pet is hard... sometimes it is even harder on the remaining dog. When people apply soon after loosing a beloved pet we always try to be sure they are ready, everyone is different but most folks need some time. However when you are a veteran foster mom and adopter you understand that sometimes your remaining dog needs a friend. This home has weathered the pain before and knew they were ready for another lady to grace the home. Most of all their sweet existing boy who just needs teh comfort of another dog. Talking with her I knew exactly the lady for them! LOVE it when I am right! Chloe was not so sure at first but safe to say she is now the Queen sharing her Castle with her King .. and their loving momma! Keep an eye out because I bet we see them at events!

Another girl that stayed with us way to long... WIley... This sweet girl came to us with an injury that took some time to get better but once she was all good to go it did not take long for a FURever family to snatch her up! Now Ms Wiley is sharing her home with a kitty and family who adore her but also are willing to continue this young girls training! It is such an amazing thing to see a scared injured dog go to loving, happy family member!

Mature Lady finds FURever loving home! OK now this one makes my heart sing... (ok they all do really) Mia is one of our "Mature Ladies" who people too frequently over looked simply because of her age! We had an approved adopter with a busy home of three children, one who is extra special and we wanted to be sure we had a dane who had a track record with small children and the "love" that comes with them. We knew Mia was the girl for them! This family loved the idea that she was mature and past the mischievous puppy stuff. The adoption coordinator reported this was a slam dunk! I can report that the children adore Mia and it is a mutual love fest! Yipeeeeee!

Speaking of Mischevious puppies... you may have noticed that Chelsea is no longer availible.. that is because she too found her FURever home! This sweet young couple had a great set up for a young pup and was willing to continue her training to be sure she grows into a beautiful lady!

Which brings us to Wrangler! Wrangler is a young pup looking for love! On a yucky, freezing cold, day his family drove over an hour to introduce Wrangler to their existing FURkid... I am not sure who fell in love first or harder but this big extended loving family knew Wrangler was meant to be theirs and scooped him up to FURever!

Whew... I think that brings us up to speed for now:):) A giant THANK YOU to all our foster families, volunteers and supporters who make FURever stories possible!