Arthur is in the FURever HOUSE!

Arthur is living proof that less is MORE if you make the most of what you have! Arthur came to us like this. We understand he came to a shelter over the summer with an injured leg and it could not be saved.. so they had no choice but to amputate! So Arthur has only been rockin three legs for a few months but he has it pretty much mastered! Every day he gains more confidence on new surfaces and gains muscle strength in his back leg. This is one happy young dude!

His foster home worked hard to help him learn manners and build muscle in his good side. We needed to find a home that would help continue his recovery, and monitor his play so he doesn't hurt his good leg. Aruthur is also a snuggle bug and LOVES kids so ....

YIPEEEE Arthur's Christmas wish came early! He now has his very own awesome family with skin kids who adore him, a small fursibling who loves to cuddle and HUmom and dad to adore him and make sure he continues his training and rehab!

How awesome is that!