And They all lived Happily Ever After...

What ever happened to the lazy days of summer? Can someone send some to me.. geeeez we are soo crazy busy that I have once again fallen behind on FURever Stories! So here are TWO... and more to come!

We all know the formula of the Disney Princess.. a beautiful princess with a life of strife, sadness and without love... then that magical bippity boppity boo moment when it all changes! So it is with Belle and Beauty...

A volunteer made the very very looooonnnnnngggg drive to pick up a mature lady of five at a rural shelter. She was frightened, and not doing well in the shelter. Shelter staff knew she needed more than they could give since she had a large tumor that needed to be removed and this shelter simply did not have the resources to handle that. So off to one of our awesome veterinarians who removed the tumor that turned out to be benign !!! Once she gained a little weight and healed up this sweet girl was ready for FURever... at five she clearly had a lot of love and life to give! Sadly many people look over the mature dogs in favor of younger ones .. but along came PERFECT!

We had an approved adopter who knew their lifestyle was not right for a puppy and wanted something a bit more mature and seasoned. So we introduced them to Belle... and abracadabra Bell had her FURever home!

Our next Princess was originally adopted by a large shelter to a home that turned back into a pumpkin. Years after she was adopted she turned up in another with a damaged foot. She has a microchip but the people did not want her !!!!! Beauty came to rescue with a toe so badly damaged that it had to be amputated... this sweet girl moped around her loving foster home not understanding where her family was.. soon her foot healed and she warmed up to her loving foster home... who was prepared to have her around for awhile..

At 7 years old even a looker like Beauty can be overlooked by potential adopters... but hocus pocus poof! An approved adopter wanted to add a dane with the maturity and seasoned manners that come with experience! This couple fell in love with Beauty and welcomed her into their loving castle!

and they all lived happily ever after. TAH DAH!

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