Sometimes it doesn't work out.... not like I think it will anyway.

At times there is simply no apparent answer and a wiser lady will say "It will all work out, It always works out... we just don't know how yet." It drives me nutz.... but she is right it always seems to work out.... just not how I first think it will......

We got a call about Zane from a small shelter in rural Texas about a severely neglected dane. He was emaciated, filthy and abandoned when they got him. Our intake team did what they do best and managed to find a medical foster home and brought him into GDRNT. Not only was this dude skinny but his foster home removed "pellets" from his muzzle!

Zane quickly melted the hearts of everyone he met! The entire foster home.. kids, husband and existing dogs all LOVED him! He is so sweet and we knew we would find him a great FURever home as soon as he was well enough. But that is the thing.... Zane was so happy to be in a home, and put on weight but he was not getting "better", not like we expected... so we sent him to an evaluation foster home for some more care, groceries and screenings. This sweet boy was going to make him so easy to adopt we needed him well soon.....He was good with little dogs, big dogs, toddlers, big kids... he has perfect manners... he was move in ready!!!!

He was not there long when I got the call, and a vet visit confirmed. Zane has full onset Wobblers!!!!! Wobbler disease is a condition of the cervical vertebrae that causes an unsteady (wobbly) gait and weakness in dogs and horses. The term wobbler disease refers to a number of different conditions of the cervical (neck) spinal column that all cause similar symptoms. There is no surgery, medication or fix for Zane and eventually his symptoms will make it impossible to walk or even stand. There are medications to alleviate some of the symptoms but it will continue to progress... he may live several years like this, or he may not. Finding a FURever home for Zane suddenly became critical..and nearly impossible.... Zane needed an experienced home to monitor his symptoms, help him get up on bad days, make sure he doesn't over do it on good days, keep track of medications... and pay for all of it. We had to try! He is a happy sweet dude and we wanted him to have the best life he can for whatever time he has left.. be it years or months.

I did not get far into my discussion with his Foster mom... she is experienced and knew it would be nearly impossible to find an adopter to take on such a dog.... But here is the thing.. this goofy, sweet dude had already snuggled his way into the heart of her home (just as he did in his medical foster home) and without skipping a beat she stated quite emphatically: " He is FURever home, Zane will stay here."

So it is official now. Zane has found his FURever home. A home equipt, experienced and savvy enough to make sure he is loved, pain free, cared for and happy for whatever time he has left. He has skin kids to look after and love him. A mom and dad who will keep a loving watchful eye and fur siblings to hang out with! We do not know how much time Zane has left but he did hit the Jackpot for a FURever home!

To those of you who support us, know you all play a part in success stories like this... your donations allow us to take in these dogs and run the necessary veterinary tests to care to get diagnosis and treatments. Remember Zane and the many others like him when you are making year end Tax donations, and consider GDRNT for your precious charitable, tax deductible dollars.

Rising Above Great Dane Funding

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