Ready for a FURever Story? How about TWO!

It was a guys weekend here at GDRNT, with two of our "Young Guns" finding their perfect FURever homes. When a dane comes to GDRNT it is the start of their FURever story. Many of these dogs have found themselves homeless at least once before coming to GDRNT, and some never really a "home". Each dane starts their new life with a complete, caring veterinary exam and treatment plan, no dog is turned away because it needs expensve veterinary care, and then to a qualified loving foster home to get ready for their FURever home. Sometimes the foster home is the first time a dane has ever been inside, had a soft bed, a full bowl and loving human. Our foster homes work so hard to get our danes ready for their FURever homes soooooo

Brett came to GDRNT heartworm positive, with a nasty persistent cough and sunbleached fur. Sunbleaching happens to a danes fur the same way it happens to anything else left outside and it turns a black coat a brownish-black. Like so many danes Brett adjusted quickly to life in his foster home.. enjoying the attention of kids, playing with another dane and making friends with the kitty. The hardest part of being a foster dog for Brett was the heartworm treatment. Heartworm treatment is not only expensive but also very hard or the dog. It requires rest and confinement, neither of which a young dane care for. So as soon as he was cleared by the veterinarian it was easy to find the perfect FURever home!

Brett is now living with a family with kids and he is loving life! This family not only wanted to give a home to a Rescue Dane but also saw the how extra special this awesome DUDE is! So YIPEEE YAHOOO AND WOOO HOOO to Brett and his new FURever family!

Our other young gun to find his FURever home this weekend was ROCK Star Ricky. GDRNT has some long time friends and dane lovers who were looking to add a dane to their group. While this couple are great friends, and great dane parents they still had to go through the approval process before adopting. Once approved we wanted to be sure we had not only an awesome dane but one who would fit in with their existing FURkids. All I can say is WOW! With some extra effort on the adopters part and the foster mom... MAGIC! A place where RIcky can still be a ROCK star but also keep up with all the manners he learned in his Foster home! CONGRATS! YEEEE HAAAAA WhhhOOOOPPYYYY

OK some day I am going to figure out how to add fireworks to this ... so imagine it:)

Rising Above Great Dane Funding

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