It a Whole New FURever World!

Princess Jasmine has found her Aladdin!
Little Miss Jasmine has found her a new brother! Jasmine has been adopted by a family that has a little Chihuahua that actually “picked” Jasmine to be his sister. At the match meeting the little guy would give both matched dogs some good sniffs. He would always come back and check on Jasmine, it was like he was telling his parents’ let’s take her.

The new family has sent an update letting us know everyone is settling in. Jasmine loves the big back yard and already started picking out favorite toys to throw around in the back yard. Her little brother has started to run around and play with her. She is doing good in the crate while both parents’ are at work. The family will continue the work of her foster family of building up her confidence! Hopefully we will see Miss Jasmine at future events.

Now try to get that song out of your head:)

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