Guess who is now an Urban Dane!

It was a stroke of good luck for Ms. Lexi when her first adoption fell meeting thru last Sunday. It so happened Lexi's new Mom was on stand by! We called to see if the next approved person in line was available and ready to adopt!---she answered and her response was where do I go!!

We met up, yes it was love at first sight, first walk and the magical first kiss. It was meant to be. Another stroke of luck for Lexi is she will get to keep her vegan lifestyle. Lexi had come into rescue with the terrible upper respiratory that many of our dogs have been suffering with. Thank goodness the foster mom recognized the signs, started antibiotics and got Lexi on a natural holistic diet which she thrived on.

As of this afternoon from her new home, Lexi is sharing a room with a new kitty and a new Mom that loves her! It should be noted that Lexi's new mom faced a common challenge when wanting to adopt. She lived in an apartment complex that had a policy of allowing "All breeds" but neglected to add that they welcome all breeds as long as they are under 60 pounds!!!! Most of us know that any 60 pound dane is not staying that way for long.... This lady was so dedicated to adopting a dane that she moved to a "dane friendly" complex! WOW how is that for dedication to rescue!! YIPEEE for Lexi and her new family!

Unfortunately rescues are seeing an increase in pet restrictions not only in apartment complexes but also in Home Owner Associations. Many condominiums and HOA's have restrictions on breed and/or weight of pets. Many rules are written to appear to be inclusive of all breeds but will have weight limits excluding many breeds. There is one management company that says they welcome all breeds as long as they are under 50 pounds..... (whaaaaa?) So if you are thinking of adopting be sure to ask your management company about breed restrictions but also size and weight limits.