Your Dog & Fireworks

I love Fireworks! What better way to celebrate? The colors, the noise, the show and the cool evening air... what is not to like? Well Mocha could tell you it is the colors, the noise, the show and the noise:) Fireworks can be a frightening experience for some dogs. Frightened dogs have different reactions: some tremble at their owners' feet, others retreat to a hiding place, (Mocha will be found in my closet) some try to run off (traveling for miles), and others display bizarre behavior. Even the best behaved dogs can be unpredictable and destructive when frightened.

If your neighborhood is having a firework show there are some simple things you can do to assure your dog is safe.
Since a frightened dog may flee always be sure to have up to date identification on your dog. Collars can come off so a microchip is always a great bet.

Inspect your fence to be sure all gates and escape routes are secure. A dog who would not normally scoot through a hole may find it an escape route if fleeing.

A frightened dog may also bolt for an open door or window so be sure that all possible exits are secure.

I keep Mocha in a bedroom with the curtains closed and the TV on. If you crate your dog this is a great time for them to be in their safe space I will also cover the crate with a sheet or light fabric.

Dogs are not soothed the same way a child is, cuddling and baby talk can just increase anxiety. Try distracting with some training or a toy.

Talk to your vet if your dogs anxiety is severe. In extreme cases your vet may prescribe medication.

There are several anti anxiety products available on line. I found shirts, blankets caps and video's of different training ideas to help an anxious dog. Research these carefully and talk to your vet to see what might work for your pet.

A healthy walk before the festivities can make for a tired dog who is more relaxed.

I hope that you have a safe and fun Holiday