Why vaccinations are important for your pets health AND YOURS!

Tonight the local news is reporting that FIVE people are currently being treated for RABIES after being bit by pet dog. The dog was reported to be a 4 month old blue heeler mix and un vaccinated. In this instance the family dog bit a child and two adults in the home.. all bites were unreported to authorities. When the dog became sick, a veterinarian was told of the bites and the veterinarian reported the bites to authorities. It was during that investigation that two additional bites were discovered. All five humans have tested positive and are undergoing treatment. The CDC states that Rabies is a dangerous virus that is transmitted through the saliva of animals. Anyone can get it if they handle or get bitten by an animal that has the disease. One of the best ways to protect yourself and your family from rabies is to vaccinate your pets and avoid contact with wild animals. Do not feed or handle them, even if they seem friendly. If you see a wild animal acting strangely, report it to animal control.

The incubation period, or the time it takes for the virus to take hold and cause symptoms, is typically three to four months for rabies, Van Deusen said. The World Health Organization's website says that period is typically one to three months, but can vary from less than a week after exposure to more than a year. Before the virus emerges from dormancy, it can be treated through a series of vaccinations.

The Colony police released the below statement:
“In an effort to reduce the likelihood of repeated positive rabies cases, The Colony Animal Services will be increasing patrols for stray/at-large animals, verifying rabies vaccinations of all animals officers come into contact with as well as providing the opportunity for reduced cost rabies vaccinations. A low-cost vaccination clinic will be held from 10 a.m. to noon Aug 24 at the shelter, 4720 E Lake Highlands. Rabies vaccinations will be available for only $5. For more information, call the shelter at 972-370-9250.”

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