Tarrant Co Arrest: Humans at their Worst and Best

Today we reached a milestone.....
Originally I had a very different blog planned for today but I am switching gears after the two arrests for Animal Cruelty. The details are gruesome and involve the torture and killing of several puppies. WFAA reports on the specifics of the torture and it will be all over the news by the time you read this. This highly publicized case will be prosecuted but the simple fact remains that this extent of cruelty happens every day.. the only too many people do not get caught.

Each day GDRNT gets multiple requests to take danes in need into our program. Many are individuals looking to re-home danes they either no longer want or can care for.. but often they are from caring Shelters, Rescuers or Law Enforcement seeking help for the hardest cases or neglect, illness or injury.

Today we reached a milestone... danes number 1,500 and 1,501 are both resting safely and getting treatment in our partner veterinary offices. One is very ill from a local shelter and we hope with lots of veterinary care, foster family love and time she will recover. The second is covered in mange and dangerous secondary infection so much so that I can't even tell you the color... she may be black, or merle... I hope we will find out some day soon. I do not no the fate of these danes but can tell you that today they were given a chance. Second chances take volunteers who stopped what they were doing to get them to available veterinary hospital space; others stopped their sunny summer day to drive miles/hours; veterinary staff and doctors who will be working late tonight to give them care. Eventually if all goes well, they will need foster homes who will open up medical foster spaces; and generous donors to help pay for the medications, surgery and hospitalizations required.

So I choose to look at today on a positive note. Today I saw some of the worst of humanity but I also saw some of the very best of human spirit. It is those I give thanks for and tonight so do two sweet furry souls, they just don't know it yet.