Sweet DASH has found his FURever Home

In April 2011 we got a call from an area shelter about a dane very much in need. He was very sweet but had an injured leg and in desperate need of rescue. His foster skin kids named him Dash from the Pixar Movie the Incredibles because they knew he would be moving fast soon. If only it were that easy...

Dash came to his foster home with a badly injured back leg that was essentially useless, but worse than that was he was way to wicked thin, had zero interest in food and way to lethargic.... he was only a year old! His foster mom tried every trick in the book but he would barely eat....

X-ray views did not make his picture any prettier... as it turned out Dash's leg had already been skillfully surgically repaired but for reasons we can only speculate his leg had not healed properly. Given his overall health additional surgery was not an option and there would be no guarantee it would make the leg better. Soooooo now what...

We had a one year old dane who would not eat and a bum leg, that would swell up, and who clearly felt like poo... geeezzzzz

Determined GDRNT veterinarians ran numerous tests and discovered he had an uncommon tick borne disease. It was only a specific (IE expensive:) blood test that positively identified the issue. Sometimes fatal Dash started treatment immediately but was still slow to recover.

Dash was with his dedicated, determined foster family for over a year but WOW what a difference! Dash has a healthy appetite, gained just the right amount of weight, and will use his leg just enough to keep him stable. The leg will never be perfect but it is fine the way it is and hardly slows him down!

All this requires a special FURever home. A home not only willing to take on his medical issues but also accommodate his special needs. So many homes were willing but too few had homes that could accommodate a 150 pound dane who essentially functions as a tripod.

So it is with tears of joy that I announce DASH HAS FOUND HIS FUREVER HOME! It could not have been more perfect. All 3 generations of this family fell completely in love (as anyone would) AND had the perfect set up for Dash's needs! JACKPOT (insert confetti and glitter!)

A very special THANK YOU to Dash's foster family but specifically his foster mom who refused to give up, dedicated so much to him and loved him with all her heart... so much soo she let him go to his FURever home.

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