A Special FURever Home

Pheonix came to rescue very very sick! After an expensive ICU stay and some time with a LOVING foster she has found a perfect FURever home! She had a very treatable form of Demodex Mange that was left untreated which allowed dangerous secondary infections to fester. She is a very sweet girl who is also DEAF. With all this going on she still has a loving heart! Her transporter named her Phoenix because she was bound to rise from the ashes.

Today her journey home is complete and FURever. Pheonix has found a home who loves her and can be watchful for any future out breaks of demodex and continue with her special training. Pheonix's FURever mom fell in love with her when before her fur had grown in and she was still fighting demodex. Looking past her condition when she was ill and her deafness, this FURever mom saw only a beautiful dane with a loving heart.

So today Pheonix is FURever home!