So What Color do you think she will be?

Remember the two girls from my last blog? One so sick with a respiratory infection and the other covered in more mange and infection than FUR! Turns out we had three others come into rescue for a total of FIVE to the program last week..... I promised an update on the girls so ....

We still are not sure what color Latte will be but there seems to be a split decision between black and merle watch the video of her first week and see what you think. The amazing thing about Latte is that she is so sweet and loving in spite of being in obvious pain. Her skin is so fragile and itchy! Latte is way more forgiving than I am.. which is probably a good thin:)

Our girl with the Upper Respiratory Infection (URI) is doing well but will have a long road before she can be adopted. Anyone who has been sick latey may have noticed that the price of some antibiotics has skyrocketed over 100% in some cases.. so what used to be a relatively inexpensive antibiotic is now very expensive. YIKES! She is in a loving foster home who is caring for her but she will need time and more lots of medication to be well. She is very sick but such a sweet girl and we hope she will make a full recovery.

Three other danes were lucky enough to get another chance at FURever and came to us this week. One soft soul also has a nasty demodex and secondary AND a URI! All three are in loving care of GDRNT tonight, and while I wish this was it .... today alone we received emails from two other shelters that are at capacity with danes needing us. CRAZY...

If you are a past adopter or inactive foster who interested in either vacation or full time fostering please email us. If you have been thinking about fostering, or have questions email us at and we can answer any questions... or complete the adoption application but mark the box FOSTER and you need not pay the application fee for a foster.

Rising Above Great Dane Funding

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