so guess what?

Things are never dull at GDRNT but got to take a second to announce one of our favorite things... FUREVER HOMES! This one is particularly special since this dude will not be going far. I always am amazed at the foster homes without a personal dane for FURever. I think part of why it is easier for me to foster is because I have the Diva Mo as my FURever dane. I know that by taking in a foster and caring, training and teaching a homeless dog I am getting it ready for a FURever home. At the end of the day I will always have my Mocha. I think that is why fosters without personal danes make an extra commitment. Some will adopt a foster dog early on in their career as foster parents ... others never do... and some it just takes some time.

Sark came to rescue skinny, wormy, sick and frightened. His loving foster home took him in and has nursed him through three tail surgeries, skin conditions and the general issues of a new foster. They are a young couple and did not think they were ready for a FURever dane... that is till Sark came into their home. When I met with all of them I can see why.. Sark got to this foster home and he knew. Sark knew he was home FURever and that he would not leave he just needed his foster mom & dad to figure it out. This is a pretty awesome family already but Sark was the icing on the cake and certainly fits in as if it is meant to be. Another bonus to this story is that Sark not only became officially a FURever dane he is also soon to become a foster dad to anther dane and help to get another foster ready for FURever.

So CONGRATS to Sark and his FURever family!

Rising Above Great Dane Funding

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