Puppy Mill Law STANDS

While thousands of dogs are destroyed in animal control facilities throughout Texas each year, underground puppy mills in untold numbers churn out thousands of puppies each week to be sold at pet stores, on websites or through newspaper ads. In 2011, HB 1451"The Puppy Mill Law" was passed, it licenses and regulates large scale commercial dog and cat breeders (those having 11 or more intact females and selling 20 or more puppies or kittens per year). HB 1451 provides basic protections for tens of thousands of dogs and cats confined and raised in large scale breeding facilities by requiring humane housing and care standards and needed veterinary care. In October, the Responsible Pet Owners Alliance, representing 305 American Kennel Club groups in Texas, filed suit to overturn the legislation contending the regulations are vague, intend to outlaw breeding all together, and that the inspections conducted without warrants violate constitutional rights. A federal court in Austin Texas heard arguments and then rejected a motion by certain disgruntled commercial dog breeders to block the state’s new puppy mill law from going into effect.

Texas is one of the top ten puppy mill states and this law establishes very basic standards of care. “The Licensed Breeders Act establishes very basic standards for breeders in Texas – humane housing, annual veterinary care, and daily exercise to name a few,” said Cile Holloway, president for THLN. “These standards have been in the federal Animal Welfare Act for years, so they should be nothing new to most breeders. It is tragic that any breeder would oppose providing such minimal care for their animals.” Even with this law HSUS ranked Texas 28th out of the 50 states and D.C. on a wide range of animal protection laws.

This law is far from perfect. It has been argued that it does not go far enough but it is a small step in the right direction.

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