Guess what Emilio got!

Gotta love the FURever home announcements... so here ya go! This weekend our sweet young dude found a great FURever home! Emilio came to rescue and left his past behind him.. he was skinny and had a nasty snotty respiratory infection so many of the dogs come to us with. (When was the last time your pups had their shots? This has been a crazy winter for dogs too!) His awesome loving foster home made sure he got his medication and enough of the right groceries to assure he gained weight at a healthy rate. Emilio caught on to house rules and learned his basic manners. Most of all Emilio is a playful loving pup!
Today Emilio met a family who not only adores his sweet playfulness but also will love him enough to be sure he learns how to be a good boy! Emilio's new family fell in love with him at first bark! So today Emilio has a FURever family of his very own! Yipppppppeee!