FURever homes go to....

This was a Well this weekend it was Miss Diva's time to find a wonderful new home. She met her new little family today and finalized the adoption. She is the big sister to a very fluffy pom. All were happy has they drove off to the wonderful traffic. Diva came into rescue with a weight issue and super bad respiratory infection. She came from a rural shelter as a stray and it is suspected she was dumped to die since she is too old to be a productive breeding dog. We took this sweet girl and her rock star foster family worked hard to make her well and find a healthy weight. Today her weight is down and a picture of health. Yipeee

Next it was Thor! Anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting this guy knows he is a true love bug! He came to rescue with what we thought was a damaged hip but when we did xrays it turns out he already had surgery! So his cute funky walk is part of his personality! Thor's had a loving mom at one time who had to give him up due to a terminal illness that permanently hospitalized her. Thor found his FURever home with a great friend to GDRNT. This family had not adopted from us before now but has been a friend so the best part is that he will stay close to the GDRNT Family! He has a loving dane experienced family who loves him!!!! WOOO HOOOO

Last but not least is another repeat adopter. This family had a very hard, sad year and had specific needs for their match list. When they first contacted me I was not very hopeful we would be able to find a match quickly... Then Leroy came into the program... and somehow I thought this was the dude! His shelter report, transport and report from the vets office all talked about how awesome he was... then less than TWO HOURS after arriving at his foster home he bloated and required emergency surgery! UGHHHH Thanks to the fast action of his foster home and loving care after surgery he fully recovered!!! During his recovery his personality and temperament proved to be a perfect match for this family. Leroy is in his FURever home and it is as if he knows he is FURever home!

Adoption days are the best days for any rescue but they take a village! Transporters, veterinarians, donors, fosters and supporters all give generously to make adoptions possible!


Rising Above Great Dane Funding

Our previous adopters are eligible to apply for financial support if their Great Dane needs vet care that cannot be afforded due to economic hardship and extenuating circumstances; even if the adopters are outside of Rising Above’s coverage area.Rising Above Great Dane Funding | Facebook